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Contact: Roland Minton
Welcome to the website for the Roanoke College Maroon Stat Crew. Here you will find a small sample of the information we have generated. The public site for the Crew and its data collection apps, written by the great Adam Childers, is Stat Crew home.

Soccer Statistics
For home games, coaches get halftime passing and turnover stats (basically table 1 below). After the game, they get individual player and lineup breakdowns. Expected goals are from a multiple regression formula taking into account distance and angle from goal and level of defensive pressure.
Game Table 1     Game Table 2
Lineup Table
Season Player Stats
Shot Chart 1 Chart 2

Basketball Statistics
For home games, stats are updated live, as data is sent to a server and then to a web site. Halftime stats are sent to the big screen at Cregger for the fans to enjoy. Individual player and lineup breakdowns are done for all games using the official play-by-play files (cleaned up for common mistakes).
Team Season Stats
Lineup Season Stats
Team Shot Chart
Player Game Chart

Lacrosse Statistics
For home games, stats are updated live to a web site. An expected goals metric is under construction, which will take into account distance and angle of shot, type of play (dodge or assist or, for women, free), and level of defensive pressure.
Team Shot Chart
Opponent Shot Chart
Team Play Chart
Player Shot Chart

Sports Analytics Conferences
Roanoke College hosted the Virginia Sports Analytics Meeting in September, 2017. Attendees from seven states shared ideas on sports analytics, with a focus on student research. Stat Crew received a lot of attention during the poster session and after-meeting discussions. Stat Crew members present regularly at regional and national meetings.
David Moreau discusses Stat Crew with Liz Bouzarth of Furman University.