Emily McQueen

Dear Emily, Congratulations for making the most of your experience at Roanoke College. You certainly gave it your all. We feel so proud. All our love, Mom and Dad

— Ronald K. McQueen

Amelia Woodworth

Congratulations on this new venture, we're so proud of you <3!!!!!

— Avery K. Woodworth

Corey O'Brien Smith

We could not be prouder of your many accomplishments and the wonderful young man you have become! Congratulations and all our love from Dad, Mom, Travis, Dwight and Tomochichi

— Valerie O'Brien Smith

Killian Connelly

Congratulations Killian and the entire Roanoke Class of 2017 - job well done! Love, Mom Maureen Connelly Brianne & James Sheldon Keara and Mairead RC '19

— Maureen M Connelly

Bree Smith

— Bree Smith

Devan Smith-Brown

We are proud of your college accomplishments - Keep going strong!

— Penelope Smith

Julia Galanto

— Kathleen & Gary Galanto

Adam McDonald

Congratulations on a journey well-traveled!

— Andrea Winkler

Andrew C. Miller

For Andrew's efforts in putting Roanoke Rugby on the map as a viable contender in college sports.

— Jerry R. Miller

Emily McQueen

Proud of all you have learned during your time at Roanoke. Love, Mom and Dad


Michael Santoroski


— Michael G. Santoroski

Will Black

Will: Keep making smart decisions - on and off the field and congratulations on four great years at Roanoke - on and off the field! Mom & Dad

— Robert Black


Brenna, can you see this?

— Erin Reid

Thane R. Jones

We give this gift in honor or our son,Thane Jones, who has exceeded all of our expectations for his college experience. And also in honor of the exceptional education and community that Roanoke has provided, with special thanks to Drs. Hollis, Keithley, and Brenzovich of the Chemistry Department.

— Tom & Amy Jones

Marian Shaw

An exemplary student, friend, and sister--Roanoke College has been lucky to have you and will be heartbroken to see you go! Make it a memorable year :)

— Laura Pope

Tanner Roberts

We are so proud of you! Love Mom and Dad

— Michelle H. Roberts