Dr. David F. Nichols

Assistant Professor
Department: Psychology
Office: 509E Life Science
Phone: 375-5251



2003-2006, Florida Atlantic University; Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology
2000-2003, Florida Atlantic University; M.A. in Experimental Psychology
Research Focus: Ambiguous motion perception
(psychophysics, computational modeling)

1998-2000, Florida Atlantic University; B.A. in Experimental Psychology
1996-1998, University of Florida; General Education
Research Focus: Adaptation in apparent motion (psychophysics)

Course List

Research & Teaching Interests:

Teaching Focus: Research Methods, Sensation and Perception,
Introduction to Psychology, Computer Programming
Research Focus: Visual Psychophysics, Computational Modeling,
Pattern Classification of Brain Activation

Scholarly Activities:

Recent Conferences Attended:
Society For Neuroscience (2011)
SYNAPSE (undergraduate neuroscience, 2011)
Vision Sciences Society (2010)

Recent Publications:

Nichols, D.F., Betts, L.R., & Wilson, H.R. (2010). Decoding of faces and face components in face-sensitive human visual cortex. Frontiers in Psychology, 1-28. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2010.00028

Hock, H.S., & Nichols, D.F. (2010). The line motion illusion: The detection of counterchanging edge and surface contrast. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 36(4), 781-796.

Nichols, D.F., & Wilson, H.R. (2009). Stimulus specificity in spatially-extended interocular suppression. Vision Research, 49, 2110-2120.

Nichols, D.F., & Wilson, H.R. (2009). Effect of transient versus sustained activation on interocular suppression. Vision Research, 49, 102-114.

Nichols, D.F., Hock, H.S., & Schöner, G. (2006). Linking dynamical perceptual decisions at different levels of description in motion pattern formation: Computational simulations. Perception & Psychophysics, 68(3), 515-533.

Hock, H.S., Bukowski, L., Nichols, D.F., Huisman, A., & Rivera, M. (2005). Dynamical versus judgmental comparison: Hysteresis effects in motion perception. Spatial Vision, 18(3), 317-335.

Hock, H.S., Nichols, D.F., & Espinoza, J. (2004). When motion is not perceived: Evidence from adaptation and dynamical stability. Spatial Vision, 17(3), 235-248.