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Showcase of Faculty Scholarship

Event name: Showcase of Faculty Scholarship
Date: September 27, 2013
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: Fintel Library (Main Floor and Ground Floor)
Sponsor: Fintel Library
Event Type: Speakers and Lectures

Roanoke College professors from various departments will showcase and discuss their recently published works in 10-minute presentations.

Sessions will run simultaneously in three areas of the library from 3-4 pm and will be followed by an author reception from 4-5 pm during which refreshments will be served. 

Authors at this event will include the following RC professors.

  • Jesse Bucher (History Department)
  • Denise Friedman (Psychology Department)
  • Paul Hanstedt (English Department)
  • Mike Heller (English Department)
  • Paul Hinlicky (Religion and Philosophy Department)
  • Timothy Johann (Chemistry)
  •  Martha Kuchar (English)
  • Wendy-Larson-Harris (English)
  • Gerry McDermott (Religion and Philosophy Department)
  • Leslie Murrill (Education Department)
  • David Nichols (Psychology)
  • Edward Nik-Khah (Business and Economics Department)
  • James Peterson (Religion and Philosophy Department)
  • Timothy Reynolds (Education Department)
  • John Selby (History Department)
  • Lynn Talbot (Modern Languages Department)

See to learn more about the recently published works of these and other RC professors. 

Contact: Hany Hosny, 375-2294
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