SCJ BRO & Friends,

a decade plus and counting.


Our first conference was the SCSC in Cleveland, OH, October 2000. In the group were RC professors Gary G. Gibbs, Whitney A.M. Leeson, James M. Ogier, & Florinda Ruiz. Karen Harris, our office manager, was there as well, along with student interns Laura Roberts & Timothy Leitzke.

SCSC2000.jpgCleveland 2000.jpgTim.TIFWhitneyOgier.TIF



What we learned very quickly, and as happens especially at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, is that our table in the exhibits hall becomes a locus for people to meet and talk. Here is Katherine French (SUNY New Paltz) talking with Mary Hill Cole (Mary Baldwin College). The second picture has Karen, Tim, & Laura in front of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.



And here we are, exhausted, on the way home to Roanoke.




And then we went to Denver, CO in 2001. Our student interns were Laura Haffley and Shannon Meyer.




We met up with several friends in Denver, including John Schofield, formerly of the Museum of London.




And to San Antonio, TX in 2002. This time we had Gary G. Gibbs, Whitney AM Leeson, James M. Ogier, special guest historian, Michael Hakkenberg, Karen Harris, and student interns Jeremy Shafer and Laura Haffley.





Katherine French (SUNY New Paltz), Janis Gibbs (Hope College); Whitney Leeson, James Ogier.







The 2003 meeting of the SCSC was in Pittsburgh. We drove. In two cars! PhDs driving! Both cars got lost at different parts of the journey between Roanoke, VA & Pittsburgh, PA. But we made it! Our student interns were April Sterba and Erika Arbogast. Besides the usual BRO crew (Gibbs, Leeson, Ogier, & Harris), we were joined by Art Historian Jane Long.






In 2004, we went to Charleston, SC, for SEMA (the South East Medieval Association). Our two students were James Hudson and James Heckman. RC professors were Susan Millinger, Gary G. Gibbs, and James M. Ogier.

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Among our interns in 2005 was Lisa Dinkle, who, unfortunately, did not get to travel to a conference.





Here’s an official pr photo from Spring 2005.

       official photo.jpg


In Fall 2005, the BRO crew went off to Atlanta for the SCSC. Our student assistant that semester was Hannah Howard.



In 2006, we went to Salt Lake City, UT. The crew included the usual (Gibbs, Leeson, Ogier, & Harris), but we were joined by Paul Hinlicky of the Religion Dept at RC. Our student intern in 2006 was Christine Vollbrecht.



Here we are joined by Caroline Litzenberger (Portland State University) and John Cooper (University of York).









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