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Book Review Office

Western Michigan University

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Editorial Staff:

Dr. Gary G. Gibbs, Book Review Editor 
Dr. Whitney A.M. Leeson, Editor 
Dr. James M. Ogier, Editor 
Dr. Thomas J. Carter, Copy Editor 
Mrs. Karen F. Harris, Book Review Office Managing Editor

Mailing Information:

Sixteenth Century Journal
Book Review Office 
Department of History 
Roanoke College 
221 College Lane 
Salem  VA  24153-3794 


Fax: 540-375-4935


                                    Field Readers:


Gary G. Gibbs

late medieval/early modern England, Scotland, Europe, and South Asia

Paul Hinlicky

Lutheran theology, science/religion, and Slavic cultures


Wendy Larson-Harris

late medieval and early modern popular religion

Whitney A.M. Leeson

late medieval and early modern France, historical anthropology, and archaeology

James M. Ogier

medieval Germanic cultures





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