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The Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics department at Roanoke College was honored with the visit of Professor Art Benjamin for a week, March 15-20, 2009. He is a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, and visited us a Copenhaver Scholar-in-residence. He gave three public talks, taught five classes, gave nine lectures that auditioned lectures for his next DVD series with the Teaching Company and added numerous informal conversations with students and faculty. His visit also included a round table discussion on teaching mathematics. His visit was an inspiration to us all, to recognize, celebrate and display our love of mathematics for ourselves and our students. Thanks, Art!

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Advertising his visit:
Welcome, Art!

Public Event #1: How to Knock Em Down -- an analysis of a dice game, resulting in non-transitive probabilities (strategy A is better than strategy B, which is better than strategy C, which is better than strategy A).
A Volunteer Plays the Game
Explaining the Strategies
Looking at a Strategy

Public Event #2: A Card Trick Workshop -- a more intimate setting, about 50 people participated in and learned the mathematical secrets of some card tricks. We've all been practicing ever since!
Introducing the First Card Trick
Charming His Audience
Dealing the Cards Out
Steven Lays the Cards Down
Mark Prepares for His Turn in the Spotlight
Isn't This Amazing?
Mark Guesses the Hole Card
Tommy Explains, Dave Objects
One More Card Trick

In the classroom. After each talk, he asked for feedback on strong points, weak points, and suggestions for change. This was fun!
Discussing Combinatorial Proofs

Public Event #3: Mathemagics -- this show has delighted audiences at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and around the world. The packed house at Roanoke College was amazed and amused the entire show. Along with his tricks, Art sang us a song about the digits of pi to the tune of "American Pie." Since the show was on his birthday, we sang Happy Birthday to him. It was a great evening! Happy Birthday!
Ready for Some Mathemagic.
Jan Introduces Art
Standing Room Only!
The Magic Begins!
Pick an Invisible Card, Any Card!
One More Volunteer Needed
Art Races Against the Calculators
Explaining How to Multiply Quickly
Answering Questions Afterwards
And Signing Autographs

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