Donors to Roanoke College - Alumni 1928 - 1949

* Donor is deceased.

Class of 1942

Mr. Carl B. Sherertz

Class of 1943

Mr. Sigmund E. Davidson

Class of 1944

Mrs. Rosemary D. Blanchard

Class of 1946

Mrs. Richard L. Bertine
Mrs. Betty B. Hawes
Mrs. Mary H. Whitmire

Class of 1947

Ms. June L. Cheelsman
Mrs. Barbara L. Johnston
Mrs. Anna C. Painter

Class of 1948

Dr. Robert C. Ayers
Mrs. Jack S. Faulconer
Ms. Mary Ann Hinshelwood
Dr. Harry I. Johnson, Jr.
Dr. DeWitt R. Petterson
Mrs. Doris C. Ritter

Class of 1949

Dr. D. Rae Carpenter, Jr.
Dr. John H. Hash
Mrs. Thelma S. Hildebrand
Mr. George A. Kegley
Mr. Frank P. Robertson
Ms. Katharine L. Williamse