Menu for Jul 24, 2016 - Jul 30, 2016

Continuous Service, Mon. thru Fri.
7am - 8pm — Mon. thru Thurs.; 7am - 7pm — Fri.

Hours Meal
7am - 7:30am Continental Breakfast
7:30am - 10am Full Breakfast
10am - 11am Continental Breakfast
11am - 11:30am Salad, Deli/Panini, Soup, Pasta, and Pizza
11:30am - 2pm Burger/Hot Dog Bar
2pm - 3pm Salad, Deli/Panini, Soup, Pasta, and Pizza
3pm - 5pm Stir Fry, Salad, Deli/Panini, Soup, Pasta, Pizza
5pm - close Full Dinner
(Close at 7:00pm on Friday)

Continuous Service, Sat. & Sun.
9:30am - 7pm

Hours Meal
9:30am -10:30am Continental Breakfast
10:30am - 2:00pm Full Brunch
2pm - 5pm Salad, Deli/Panini, Soup, and Pasta
3:30pm - 5pm Stir Fry, Deli/Panini, Salad, Soup, and Pasta
5pm - 7pm Full Dinner

Students on Meal Plan:

*Must Scan ID on Entry
*Can use Meal Plan in Cavern OR Commons

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Dietitian Approved