Reminders to Campus Student Employers

As we prepare for students to arrive this Fall, remember that, if you have student campus jobs to fill, there are two requirements:
1. Jobs must be posted for a minimum of five days before a student hiring form may be submitted. Make sure that any prior jobs you posted and which may have expired, are edited with a later expiration date, so that all students have access to the job postings.
2. All student candidates for campus jobs MUST have a resume posted on MaroonNet, as a part of their professional development. Please include this requirement when you post your jobs.

A reminder of this requirement has been posted on the student daily email bulletin. Career Services staff are available to assist students as needed with this process, either in person or by phone.

Thanks for your help in this process. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Career Services.

For more information contact: Toni McLawhorn (540) 375-2303