Course List

Self, Culture & Civic Response -

ROA 125 A

Instructor: Mr. Jesse C. Griffin
Time: W 2:20PM-3:50PM
Term: 2014SP
Room: LUCS 114
Units: 1/2
Pre-requisites/Comments: One semester at Roanoke College and a minimum GOA of 2.0.

Catalog Description:

The focus of this service-learning course is on gaining a greater understanding of how students view themselves as members of a diverse community and the responsibilities that come with living in a democratic society. The first half of the semester prepares students to serve on a weeklong Altermative Break trip and the second half of the semester is focused on gaining understanding of their service experience. Through direct service, intensive reflection, readings, interviews and a photo journal, students will gain a greater understanding of how they view themselves as a contributing member of society and will learn how they wish to advocate for change in a world of need.