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Does Art Imitate Life? -

INQ 270 D

Instructor: Dr. Jane C. Long
Block: 11
Time: T/Th 1:10PM-2:40PM
Term: 2015FA
Room: OLIN 231
Units: 1

Catalog Description:

Develops a sense of historical perspective and the ability to use the methodologies of the humanities or the fine arts by exploring a subject drawn from the period before 1500.

Additional Information:

There is a popular tendency in the twenty-first century to see works of art as self-expression: the representation of an artist’s personal interests, experiences and mind-set at a particular moment in time. But is this the best approach for understanding works of art produced before our era? In this class we will study the lives and works of painters and sculptors from early Renaissance Florence (14th and 15th centuries) to explore whether artists’ lives can explain what is represented in their art. 

There are no books to purchase for this class; all readings will come from the Web.