Course List

Student-Managed Fund -

BUAD 322 A

Instructor: Dr. Larry A. Lynch
Block: 12
Time: T/Th 2:50PM-4:20PM
Term: 2015SP
Units: 1/2
Pre-requisites/Comments: ECON-122 and BUAD-225

Catalog Description:

The participants in this class will man age a portion of the Colleges general e ndowment fund by actively managing a por tfolio under the supervision of a facult y member. The fund will be continuously managed, with the course portion being o ffered each (and every) semester. Studen ts earn 1/2 unit per semester. A maximum of two units can be earned toward gradu ation with only one unit counting toward the Finance Concentration. Offered on a pass-fail basis. Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.

Advanced Financial Management -

BUAD 442 A

Instructor: Dr. Larry A. Lynch
Block: 10
Time: T/Th 10:10AM-11:40AM
Term: 2015SP
Units: 1
Pre-requisites/Comments: BUAD-242 and 342 and ECON-232 or permission

Catalog Description:

An in-depth analysis of financial theor y, principles, and policies used in mana ging the firms capital structure. Lectu re: 3 hrs/wk.