Course List

Organic Chemistry I Lab -

CHEM 221L 2

Instructor: Dr. Gary Hollis
Time: T 1:10PM-4:10PM
Term: 2013FA
Room: TREX 573

Catalog Description:

A study of the chemistry of the compounds ofcarbon. Fundamental concepts of chemical bondingare employed to develop chemical models and tocorrelate structure-property relationships withinand among the various classes of carbon compounds.Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.; Laboratory: 3 hrs/wk.

Powerful Medicine -

INQ 300 L

Instructor: Dr. Gary Hollis
Block: 2
Time: M/W/F 9:40AM-10:40AM
Term: 2013FA
Room: MILL 113
Units: 1
Pre-requisites/Comments: Completion of all required 100-level and -200-level INQ courses

Catalog Description:

Asks students to look back on their experiencesand their work in the Intellectual InquiryCurriculum in order to make explicit, meaningfulconnections to contemporary issues. In additionto individual written assignments, students willwork in small groups to research and develop aproposal concerning a concept, approach, orsolution to a problem that will be presented in aformal defense.